Jacqueline Serrao in Kosovo

Professional Organizations

Student Organizations

  • Society for the Law of Outer Space and Aviation

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  • The Gorove Society of International Law at the University of Mississippi School of Law is named for the late Dr. Stephen Gorove. It seeks to gather together law students interested in international law, international business law, international environmental law, space law, or remote sensing and promote and educate on related legal topics. Membership is open to any law students interested in international law, space law, or remote sensing and networking with others of like interest.

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International Collaboration

As part of its mission to create, gather, and disseminate remote sensing, air, and space law the NCRSASL participates in many international activities. The Center's faculty provide an important academic presence on the international level.

The Center is involved in a wide variety of activities with a number of law schools in China. These include, research, guest lectures, translations, moot court, meetings, symposia, and conferences. A common feature of these activities is exchange of scholarship and information to advance the field of space law.

International Collaboration in Space Law

Professor Gabrynowicz has specialized in space and remote sensing law since 1987. She is an official observer of the UN Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space and briefed then U.S. Secretary of the Interior Gayle Norton in preparation for the Earth Observation Summit. Prof. Gabrynowicz was a member of the International Institute of Space Law delegation to the Unidroit Committee of Governmental Experts for the Preparation of a Draft Protocol to the Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment on Matters Specific to Space Assets. The UN Office of Outer Space Affairs asked Prof. Gabrynowicz to lecture on space law at all of their space law capacity building workshops for government officials and policymakers from developing nations.

Since joining the Center in 2001 Prof. Gabrynowicz has been instrumental in forming and developing several relationships between the Center and foreign entities. The Center has hosted numerous space law experts from other countries in order to improve the understanding of space law concepts across language barriers and national borders.

International Collaboration in Air Law

Professor Serrao has specialized in aviation and aerospace law for over fifteen years. She served as the Aviation Legal Advisor to the Governments of Kosovo, Malawi, Mongolia, Mozambique, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, and the United Arab Emirates where she has advised governments on their administrative structures and drafted their aviation policies, laws, and regulations. She is formerly an international aviation specialist at the Federal Aviation Administration, is listed as an Aviation Legislation expert with the UN International Civil Aviation Organization, and is invited to speak on aerospace law issues around the world.