Collection Development

The Center’s Archive collects material in the following categories:

  1. Official records, papers, and publications relating to the creation of and workings of professional organizations and institutions associated with air and space law.

    Materials such as minutes, memoranda, correspondence, reports, programs, membership rosters, and subject files help to document individual and collective participation, document social activities, and create and sustain professional communities.

  2. Personal and professional papers of air and space lawyers and individuals working within the field.

    Personal and professional papers help document the internal life and culture of the air and space law community. Such materials can document an individual’s national or international reputation in the air and space law field, illustrate one’s record of service in professional and intellectual organizations and institutions, record contributions to the field, and show one’s service and contributions to their community, state, national, or international affairs. Included in this category are correspondence, biographical material, photographs, recordings or slides of lectures, speeches, and discussions, lecture notes and syllabi, research files, minutes, records, drafts, manuscripts of articles and books, diaries, notebooks, appointment calendars, and related memorabilia.

  3. Special Collections

    The Archive serves visiting scholars, professionals, as well as students interested in becoming the next generation of air and space lawyers. Materials in this category may not relate primarily to air and space law, but would provide primary or secondary source material complementary to the research interests served by the Center.