Eilene M. Galloway Bibliography

Eilene Galloway was a prolific writer during her 52 years as a space policy and law specialist. In 1999, her friend Margaret Roberts organized all of the copies of Eilene's non-congressional writings and publications that Eilene had at her home. Though it is an impressive collection, it is not complete. Other pre-1999 publications are included in a list that appears in Space Law: Development and Scope, by Nandasiri Jasentuliyana, ed., pp 257-261.

Eilene continued to publish during the last 10 years of her life (1999-2009), but the record is less clear. The papers for that decade listed below are those that were at Eilene's home or kept by friends. Her last contribution to the Journal of Space Law was, Maintaining International Space Cooperation for Peaceful Uses, 30 J SPACE L. 311 (2004)

The following list therefore is a work in progress. Citation information is provided as available. Additions or corrections are welcome

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