Andrew Haley Collection

Andrew G. Haley: The World's first space law practitioner

Andrew G. Haley made a number of exceptional contributions to the history of modern astronautics. Considered to be the world’s first space law practitioner, Haley helped shape the emerging field of space law as an administrative leader, legal advisor, member, and delegate of the American Rocket Society, International Astronautical Federation, the International Institute of Space Law, and the International Academy of Astronautics. He co-founded and managed a major rocket manufacturing company, and coined the term “metalaw,” which refers to the study and development of a workable system of laws applicable to relations with alien intelligences. In addition, Haley worked tirelessly as a reporter, writer, and lecturer with an aim toward coalescing and defining the emerging national and international aerospace regime and activities.

The Andrew G. Haley Collection contains more than 24 linear feet of private and professional correspondence, manuscripts, personal files, photographs, and scrapbooks. The collection includes extensive correspondence with legal scholars, academics, politicians, and military personnel from all over the world. Also included in the collection is material relating to the early years of the International Astronautical Federation, International Institute on Space Law, International Academy of Astronautics, and American Bar Association.