UN / Iran Workshop on Space Law

Role of International Space Law in the Development and Strengthening of International and Regional Cooperation in the Peaceful Exploration and Use of Outer Space

Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran

Nov. 8 - 11, 2009

prof gabrynowicz in Iran

In the exploration and use of outer space, States shall be guided by the principle of co- operation and mutual assistance and shall conduct all their activities in outer space with due regard for the corresponding interests of other States.

-- From The United Nations' Declaration of Legal Principles Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space

International and regional cooperation for the peaceful uses of outer space helps to bring the benefits of space technology to a wide circle of stake-holders, both governmental and non-governmental. Policy frameworks at the national, regional and international level are important because they provide the necessary basis for states, particularly developing countries, to meet development goals and address challenges to sustainable development.

Each year, the United Nations General Assembly reaffirms the importance of international cooperation in space law as it encourages states that have not yet become parties to the treaties governing the exploration and use of outer space to ratify them and to incorporate them into their national legislation.

The presence of suitable professionals, particularly in developing countries, that are able to provide legal advice relating to space law is dependent on adequate opportunities for education in space law and policy.

This workshop provided an overview of the laws governing the peaceful uses of space, and it compared various aspects of national space legislation and considered ways to enhance university level studies/programs in space law.