Volume 14 - 1986 - Number 1 & 2

Volume 14 - 1986 - Number 1 & 2

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Article [+]

Ken Pederson, Space Station: Risks and Vision 1Eilene Galloway, The Space Station: United States Proposal and Implementation 14

Events of Interest [+]

A. Past Events 43

U.S. Senate Hearing on Space Insurance, Nov. 7,1985 (Daniel E. Cassidy) 40

"Strategic Arms Limitation: Treaty Obligations and the S.D.I.," American Society of International Law Session, April 10, 1986 (Katherine M. Gorove) 43

Report on the 25th Session of the Legal Sub-Committee of the UN Committee of the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, 24 March - 11 April 1986 (Paul C. Szasz) 48

"Treaty Law and Outer Space: Is the United Nations Playing an Effective Role?" American Society of International Law Session, April 12, 1986 (Stephen Gorove) 51

"The Shuttle Disaster and Issue of Liablity," Mississippi State Bar Convention, Biloxi, June 6, 1986 (Stephen Gorove) 58

Short Accounts
Establishment of the International Institute of Air and Space Law at the State University of Leyden (Stephen Gorove) 60

International Space Law Panel, 1986 Annual Meeting of the International Studies Association, Anaheim, California (Carl Q. Christol) 61

Other Events 69
Brief News 69

B. Forthcoming Events 64

Book Reviews/Notices [+]

U.S. Congress, Office of Technology Assessment Reports (Richard DalBelo) 65

Karl -Heinz Bockstiegel (ed.), Space Stations-Legal Aspects of Scientific and Commercial Use in a Framework of Transatlantic Cooperation 67

Joel Alper and Joseph N. Pelton (eds.), The INTELSAT Global Satellite System 68

Larry Martinez, Communication Satellites: Power Politics in Space 69

J.E.S. Fawcett, Outer Space- New Challenge to Law and Policy 70

Recent Publications [+]

Books 71
Articles 71
Reports 74
Notes/Comments 74
Book Reviews/Notices 75
Official Publications 76
Miscellaneous 79

Current Documents [+]

Report of the Presidential Commission on the Space Shuttle Challenger Accident (Excerpts) 83

Resolution Adopted by the General Assembly "Prevention of an arms race in outer space," A/RES/40/87, 14 January 1986 84

Resolution Adopted by the General Assembly, International cooperation in the peaceful Uses of outer space, A/RES/40/162 7 February 1986 87

Draft Principles of Remote Sensing, A/AC .105/370. 5 May 1986 92