Volume 24 - 1996 - Number 1

Volume 24 - 1996 - Number 1

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Article [+]

The Growth of Space Law through the Cases (Stephen Gorove) 1

Events of Interest [+]

A. Past Events 23

International Cooperation and Space Law 1995 23
The Need for Regulation of Private National Space Activities (Frans G. von der Dunk) 27

Commercial Spaceports: Preliminary Site Selection Criteria and Regulatory Considerations (Patricia M.
Sterns and Leslie I. Tennen) 29
Transponder Agreements (Julian Hermida) 35
Provisions in Some NonSpacial,
Bilateral Agreements Directly Related to Outer Space (Milan Vivod) 43
Case Developments 46
Short Accounts 46
Beijing International Symposium on Air and Space Law (Prof Dr. Doo Hwan Kim) 46
Protection of the Space Environment (Dr. Ernst Fasan) 48
Legal and Policy Issues raised by the U.N. Questionnaire on Aerospace Objects (Stephen Gorove) 52
Congressional Notes 53
State Legislative Initiatives 54
Executive Actions 54
Domestic Telecommunications Developments 55
International Developments 55
Other Events 58
Brief News 59

B. Forthcoming Events 62

Book Reviews/Notices [+]

Simpson, John A. (ed.), Preservation of NearEarth Space for Future Generations 65

Bender, R., Space Transport Liability: National and International Aspects 65

Lipskin, Beth A. et al. (eds.), Space - Vision and Reality: Face to Face (The Eleventh National Space Symposium Proceedings Report) 66

Handberg, Roger, The Future of the Space Industry: Private Enterprise and Public Policy 66

Kay, W.D., Can Democracies Fly in Space: The Challenge of Revitalizing the U.S. Space Program 67

Collett, John Peter (ed.), Making Sense of Space: The History of Norwegian Space Activities 67

Achilleas, Philippe, La Télévision par Satellite, Aspects juridiques internationaux 67

Castro Villalobos, Jose Humberto, Las Transmisiones Internacionales Directas De Television Por Satelite Regimen Juridico 67

Recent Publications [+]

Books 69
Contributions to Books 69
Articles 69
Reports 71
Notes/Comments 71
Case Notes 71
Short Accounts 71
Book Reviews/Notices 72
Official Publications 72
Miscellaneous 74

Current Documents [+]

I. U.S. Global Positioning System Policy, The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, National Security Council, March 29, 1995 79

II. U.S. China Memorandum of Agreement Regarding International Trade in Commercial Launch Services, March 3, 1995 82

III. Santiago Declaration, April 2630, 1993 94