Volume 24 - 1996 - Number 2

Volume 24 - 1996 - Number 2

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Article [+]

Financing and Insurance Aspects of Spacecraft (I.H. Ph. Diederiks Verschoor) 97

Are Stratospheric Platforms in Airspace or Outer Space? (M. Rothblatt) 107

Events of Interest [+]

A. Past Events 29

COPUOS S. & T. Subcommittee Makes Progress on Space Debris and a Possible Third UNISPACE
Conference (Matthew W. Sanidas) 117
“Outer Space Benefits Resolution” Nearing Finalization: Report of Progress in COPUOS Legal
Subcommittee (Jitendra S. Thaker) 126
COPUOS Session Agrees on UNISPACE III: Adopts Declaration on “Outer Space Benefits” (Matthew W.
Sanidas and Jitendra S. Thaker) 132
Beijing IISL Colloquium on the Law of Outer Space (Tanja MassonZwaan) 137

The Challenge to Commercial Space Transportation in the 21 st Century
(Richard W. Scott, Jr.) 152
Case Developments 158
Short Accounts 158
Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI): Issues and Policies 158
Congressional Notes 160
Executive Actions. 160
Domestic Telecommunications Developments 160
International Developments 161
Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot Court Competition 163
Other Events 163
Brief News 163

B. Forthcoming Events 166

Book Reviews/Notices [+]

Cases on Space Law, Texts, Comments and References by Stephen Gorove (Journal of Space Law Inc., Space Law and Policy Books Ser. No.1, 1996) (Martine Rothblatt) 167

American Space Law: International and Domestic by Nathan C. Goldman (2d ed., Univelt 1996) 168

Building Confidence in Outer Space Activities: CSBMS and EarthtoSpace Monitoring, edited by Pericles Gasparini Alves (UNIDIR, Dartmouth 1996) 168

The Use of Airspace and Outer Space for All Mankind in the 21 st Century, edited by ChiaJui Cheng (Kiuwer Law International 1995) 169

Space Law A Bibliography, U.N. Office of Outer Space Affairs Vienna (United Nations, New York 1996) 170

Organizing for the Use of Space: Historical Perspectives on a Persistent Issue, edited by Roger D. Launius (AAS History Ser. Vol. 18, Univelt 1995) 170

United States Space Foundation, the 10 th Annual Space Symposium Proceedings Report (Beth Ann Lipskin et al. eds., Univelt 1995) 170

Strategies for Mars: A Guide to Human Exploration, edited by Carol R. Stoker & Carter Emmart (Am. Astronautical Soc'y, Sci. & Tech. Ser., Vol. 86, Univelt 1996) 171

Space and Safety Rescue 1993, and Space and Safety Rescue 1994, edited by Gloria W. Heath (Am. Astronautical Soc'y, Sci. & Tech. Ser., Vols. 87 and 88, Univelt 1996) 171

Recent Publications [+]

Books 172
Contributions to Books 172
Articles 172
Reports 174
Notes/Comments 174
Case Notes 174
Short Accounts 174
Book Reviews/Notices 174
Official Publications 175
Miscellaneous 178

Current Documents [+]

IV. U.S. Presidential Space Policy Directive, Sept. 19, 1996. (Excerpts) 179

V. U.S.Russia Agreement of January 30, 1996, Amending the September 2, 1993 U.S.Russia Commercial Space Launch Services Agreement. The White House. Office of the Vice President. Fact Sheet 183

VI. U.S.Ukraine Commercial Space Launch Services Agreement of February 21, 1996. The White House. Office of the Press Secretary. Fact Sheet 187