Volume 26 - 1998 - Number 1

Volume 26 - 1998 - Number 1


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Article [+]

The Institutional Framework of Space Activities in Outer Space (Michel Bourély) 1

Article VI of the 1967 Space Treaty Revisited: “International Responsibility”, “National Activities”, and “The Appropriate State” (Bin Cheng) 7

Asteroids and other Celestial Bodies Some Legal Differences (Ernst Fasan) 33

The Settlements of Disputes in Space: New Developments (I. H. Ph. Diederiks Verschoor) 41

Prospective Space Law (Aldo Armando Cocca) 51

Events of Interest [+]

A. Past Events 57

U.N. Reports 
Review of the Status of the Outer Space Treaties (Ernst Fasan) 57

Elements of Space Law in the Hungarian Legal System (Gyula Gál) 61
Case Developments 66
Executive and Legislative Notes 66
International Developments 67
Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot Court Competition 68
Other Events 69
Brief News in Retrospect 69

B. Forthcoming Events 71

Book Reviews/Notices [+]

Studies in International Space Law, by Bin Cheng (Oxford Univ. Press 1997) (Lubos' Perek) 73

The Concept of the Common Heritage of Mankind in International Law by Kemal Baslar (Nijhoff, The Hague 1998) (Stephen Gorove) 78

Derecho Espacial Comercial - Aspectos Internacionales Nacionales y Contractuales (Commercial Space Law - International, National and Contractual Aspects), by Julian Hermida (Ediciones Depalma, Buenos Aires 1997) (Michael A. Gorove) 79

Space Cooperation into the 21 st Century, edited by Peter M. Bainum, and others (Univelt 1997) 80

Space Safety and Rescue 1995, edited by Gloria W. Heath (Univelt 1997) 80

Recent Publications [+]

Books 81
Contributions to Books 81
Articles 81
Reports 85
Notes/Comments 86
Case Notes 86
Short Accounts 86
Book Reviews/Notices 86
Official Publications 87
Current Documents 90
U.S. Canada ESA Japan Russia Agreement on the Civil International Space Station. Done at Washington, January 29, 1998 90