Volume 26 - 1998 - Number 2

Volume 26 - 1998 - Number 2


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Article [+]

The Role of the United Nations in Outer Space Law Development: Past Achievements and New Challenges (Peter Jankowitsch) 101

Using Extraterrestrial Resources Under the Moon Agreement of 1979 (Stephen E. Doyle) 111

On the Moon (Francis Lyall) 129

Space Debris and International Law (N. Jasentuliyana) 139

Legal Status, Rights and Obligations of the Crew in Space (Gabriella Catalano Sgrosso) 163

Space Law in the 21st Century (Eilene Galloway) 187

Events of Interest [+]

A. Past Events 193

U.N. Reports 
Review of the Work of the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space and its Subcommittees, 1998 (Philip R. McDougall & Natercia F. Rodrigues) 193

Protection of the Space Commons: New Customary Law (K Gorove) 208

Short Accounts
Melbourne Colloquium on the Law of Outer Space (Stephen E. Doyle) 213
Establishment of the Chinese Institute of Space Law (Dr. Qizhi He) 215
Case Developments 215
Executive and Legislative Notes 216
International Developments 217
Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot Court Competition 218
Other Events 219
Brief News in Retrospect 219

B. Forthcoming Events 221

Book Reviews/Notices [+]

The Use of Air and Outer Space - Cooperation and Competition, edited by Chia Jui Cheng (Kluwer Law International, The Hague/London/Boston 1998) (Stephen Gorove) 223

Space Safety and Rescue 1996, edited by Gloria W. Heath (Am. Astronautical Soc'y, Science and Tech. Ser., vol. 95, Univelt 1998) 225

Legal Aspects of Cooperation between the European Space Agency and Central and Easter European

Countries, Proc. Of the Int'l Colloquium, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic, 1112 Sept. 1997 (ESA & ECSL 1998) (Michael A. Gorove) 225

Recent Publications [+]

Books 227
Contributions to Books 227
Articles 228
Reports 229
Comments 229
Case Notes/Developments 229
Book Reviews/Notices 229
Official Publications 229
Corrigenda 231
Anniversary Editor and Contributors 233

Current Documents [+]

Commercial Space Act of 1997 (Excerpts) 237

Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot Court Competition 1998 241

Case Concerning the Commercial Exploitation of the Moon The Rover Games Project Nation of Freedom (Applicant) v. Nation of Bravatia (Respondent) 241

Summary of the Memorial for the Applicant James Summers and Mirkka Mykkanen Winners of the “JOURNAL OF SPACE LAW” Award for the Best Memorial 246