Volume 28 - 2000 - Number 1

Volume 28 - 2000 - Number 1

In Memory of Margaret J. Gorove I

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Article [+}

Policy/Legal Framework for Space Tourism Regulation (Richard W. Scott, Jr.) 1

Delimitation of Outer Space and the Aerospace Object - Where is the Law (Katherine M. Gorove) 11

Events of Interest [+}

A. Past Events 29

U.N. Reports 29
Review of the Work of Scientific and Technical Subcommittee (718 February 2000) of the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (Charles W. N. Davies) 29
The Legal Subcommittee Considers Three New Agenda Items and Reaches an Agreement on the Issue of
the Geostationary Orbit at its Thirty Ninth Session (Ms. Natercia Rodrigues) 37

Other Reports 48
Symposium on Legal Aspects of Commercialization of Space Activities (Ernst Fasan) 48

Comments 53
An International Space Flight Organization Envisaged by the U.S. to Become Conceivably Operational
Around 2005 May Put to Rest Much of the Longstanding
and Vexatious Issues of Delimitation of
Airspace and Outer Space (Stephen Gorove) 53

Case Developments 57

Short Accounts 58
Anti Missile Defense and the ABM Treaty 58
Establishment of the National Remote Sensing and Space Law Center of Excellence (Stephen Gorove) 59
Executive and Legislative Notes 62
(a) Enacted Space Legislation 62
(b) Proposed Space Legislation 63
International Developments 65
Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot Court Competition 66
Other Events 66
Brief News in Retrospect 67

B. Forthcoming Events 68

Book Reports [+}

International Law, Classic and Contemporary Readings, edited by Charlotte Ku and Paul F. Diehl (Lynne Rienner 1998) 70

Annotated Supplement to the Commander's Handbook on the Law of Naval Operations, edited by A.R. Thomas and James C. Duncan (U.S. Naval War College International Law Studies, vol. 73, 1999) 71

The Case For Mars V, edited by Penelope J. Boston (Univelt 2000), The Case for Mars VI, Making Mars an Affordable Destination, edited by Kelly R. McMillen (Univelt 2000) 71

Myres Smith McDougal, Appreciations of an Extraordinary Man, edited by Cheryl A. DeFilippo et al. (Yale University 1999) 71

Seeking New World Vistas - The Militarization of Space by Roger Handberg (Praeger, Greenwood Press 2000) 71

Recent Publications [+}

Books 73
Contributions to Books 73
Articles 75
Reports 76
Comments 77
Short Accounts 77
Case Notes/Developments 77
Executive and Legislative Notes 77
International Developments 78
Forthcoming Events 78
Book Reviews/Notices 78
Official Publications 78

Current Documents [+]

REPORT OF THE THIRD UNITED NATIONS CONFERENCE ON THE EXPLORATION AND PEACEFUL USES OF OUTER SPACE 87 XI. Conclusions and proposals of the Workshop on Space Law in the Twentyfirst Century, organized by the IISL 87

XV. Conclusions and proposals of the Workshop on Space Debris 91

XVII. Conclusions and proposals of the Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights in Space 92


Case Concerning The MorToaler SeaLaunch Project (Brezonec vs. Mastodonia) 94

Summary of Arguments in Memorial of the Applicant by Irene Aupetit and Mickael Torrado University of Paris XI. Winners of the “JOURNAL OF SPACE LAW” Award for the Best Memorial 97