Volume 3 - 1975 - Number 1 & 2

Volume 3 - 1975 - Number 1 & 2

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Articles [+]

Eilene Galloway, Direct Broadcast Satellites and Space Law 3

Arnold W. Frutkin, Direct/Community Broadcast Projects Using Space Satellites 17

James J. Gehrig, Broadcast Satellites- Prospects and Problems 25

Irwin M. Pikus, Legal Implications of Direct Broadcast Technology 39

Dr. Christian Patermann, Applicable Law In Cases of Tort Damages Caused by Direct Broadcast Satellites 47

Dr. Stephen Gorove, Direct Television Broadcasting by Satellites: Some Alternative in Cases of An Impase 55

Dr. Manfred A. Dauses, Direct Television Broadcasting by Satellites and Freedom of Information 59

Current Documents [+]

Principles Governing the Use by States of Artificial Earth Satellites For Direct Television Broadcasting (U.S.S.R.) 73

Draft Principles Governing Direct Television Broadcasting by Satellites (Canada and Sweden) 76

Draft Principles on Direct Broadcast Satellites (U.S.A.) 80

Statement of Problems and Proposed Solutions (Argentina) 82

Report of the Chairman of Working Group II 89

Convention on Registration of Objects Launched into Outer Space 99

Events of Interest [+]

Regional Conference on "Direct Broadcast Satellites and Space Law," held Nov. 1, 1974, University of Mississippi Law Center 107

Other Events 119

Brief News 120

Book Reviews/Notices [+]

Holman, Mary A., The Political Economy of the Space Program (Dr. Stanley B. Rosenfield) 71

Bhatt, S., Studies In Aerospace Law: From Completion to Cooperation (Dr. G. C. M. Reifnen) 71

Matte, N. M. and DeSaussure, H., Legal Implications of Remote Sensing From Outer Space (Dr. Velon H. Minshew) 183

Courteix, S., Televisions sans Frontieres (Dr. I. H. Ph. Diederiks-Verschoor) 185

Herkommer, E. W., Die Rechtstellung des Raumfahrers rach geltendem Weltraumrecht (Dr. I. H. Ph. Diederiks-Verschoor) 185

Recent Publications [+]

Levine, Arthur L., The Future of the U.S. Space Program (Dr. Stephen Gorove) 123
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