Volume 33 - Summer 2007 - Number 1

Volume 33 - Summer 2007 - Number 1

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Joanne Irene Gabrynowicz - Foreword (pdf)


The Evolution of U.S. National Security Space Policy and its Legal Foundations in the 20th Century, R. Cargill Hall

What is �Informed Consent� for Space-Flight Participants in the Soon-To-Launch Space Tourism Industry?, Tracey Knutson

A Review of the Space Development Promotion Act of the Republic of Korea, Yoon Lee

China�s ASAT Test: A Demonstrated Need for Legal Reform, K.K. Nair

Legal Certification of Digital Data: The Earth Resources Observation and Science Data Center Project, Ronald J. Rychlak

The Effect of the Liability Convention on National Space Legislation, Susan Trepczynski


Aviation and Space Law: Relevant Publications - Macey L. Edmondson