Volume 34 - Summer 2008 - Number 1

Volume 34 - Summer 2008 - Number 1

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Joanne Irene Gabrynowicz - Foreword (pdf)


French Remote Sensing Law, Philippe Achilleas

Current Status and Recent Developments in Brazilian Remote Sensing Law , Hilcea Santos Ferreira and Gilberto Camara

Regulating Remote Sensing Space Systems in Canada � New Legislation for a New Era, Thomas Gillon

Current Status and Recent Developments in UK and European Remote Sensing Law and Policy, Ray Harris

Improvement to the Legal Regime for the Effective use of Satellite Remote Sensing Data for Disaster Management and Protection of the Environment, Atsuyo Ito

Belgian Legal Framework for Earth Observation Activities, Jean-Francois Mayence

Current Status and Recent Developments in German Remote Sensing Law , Dr. Bernhard Schmidt-Tedd and Max Kroymann

IThe U.N. General Assembly Resolution 62/101 of 17 December 2007 on �Recommendations on Enhancing the Practice of States and International Intergovernmental Organizations in Registering Space Objects�, Kai-Uwe Schrogl and Niklas Hedman


Lost in Space: A Practitioner�s First-Hand Perspective on Reforming the U.S.�s Obsolete, Arrogant, and Counterproductive Export Control Regime for Space-Related Systems and Technologies, Mike N. Gold


P.J. Blount - Aviation and Space Law: Relevant Publications