Volume 34 - Winter 2008 - Number 2

Volume 34 - Winter 2008 - Number 2

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Joanne Irene Gabrynowicz - Foreword (pdf)


50 Years Later: Serving a Space Agency Client – The Lawyer’s Role in International Space Cooperation, Robin J. Frank

On-orbit Satellite Destruction and Space Debris

Reflections upon the notion of Liability: The instances of Kosmos 954 and Space Debris, Andrew Brearly

Other Articles

International Space Exploration and Critical Transparency of Basic Research: Impact of the U.S. International Traffic in Arms Regulations, George S. Robinson & Eric McAdamis

A Sleeping Beauty Awakens: The 1968 Rescue Agreement after Forty Years, Frans G. von der Dunk


France, LOI no 2008-518 du 3 juin 2008 relative aux opérations spatiales (Law No. 2008-518 of 3 June 2008 Related to Space Operations), translated by Philip Clerc, Head of Legal Department, and Julien Mariez, Legal Advisor, Centre National d’ Etudes Spatiales Legal (CNES) Department, Paris, France.

Japan, Fundamental Act of Outer Space (Law No.43, 2008), translated by Hiroshi Kiyohara, chief attorney, Musashi International Law Office, Tokyo.

Iran, Statute of the Iranian Space Agency (2005 & 2008), translated by Parviz Tarikhi, Head, Microwave Remote Sensing Department at the Mahdasht Satellite Receiving Station, Tehran, Iran.



P.J. Blount - Aviation and Space Law: Relevant Publications