Volume 36 - Summer 2010 - Number 1

Volume 36 - Winter 2010 - Number 2

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Joanne Irene Gabrynowicz - Foreword


Setsuko Aoki - Japanese Law and Regulations Concerning Remote Sensing Activities

Fermín Romero Vázquez Sergio Camacho Lara - What Lawyers Need to Know About Science to Effectively Make and Address Laws for Remote Sensing and Environmental Monitoring

Steven Freeland - Sensing a Change? The Re-Launch of Australia's Space Policy and Some Possible Legal Implications

Jae Gon Lee - Remote Sensing Issues as They Relate to Korea

Yan Ling - Remote Sensing Data Distribution and Application in the Environmental Protection, Disaster Prevention, and Urban Planning in China

Won-hwa Park - Legal Aspects of Reducing Green House Gases Emitted by Aircraft Registered in Korea: A Ripple Effect of EU Initiatives

Fabio Tronchetti - The Moon Agreement in the 21st Century: Addressing its Potential Role in the Era of Commercial Exploitation of the Natural Resources of the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies

Jon M. Van Dyke - Access to Water on the Moon: Lessons from Water Law in Hawai'i and Elsewhere


Ikuko Kuriyama - Environmental Monitoring Cooperation Paves the Way for Common Rules on Remote Sensing Activities Among the Pacific Rim

Masami Onoda - Earth Observation, the Environment, Space, and Remote Sensing Law in the Pacific Rim: Meeting and Live Blogcast Presented by the National Center for Remote Sensing, Air, and Space Law (Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, June 16-18, 2010) Reviewer's Comments


P.J. Blount - Aviation and Space Law: Relevant Publications