Volume 39 - Spring / Summer 2013 - Number 1

Volume 39 - Spring/Summer 2013 - Number 1


Joanne Irene Gabrynowicz - Foreword


Stephen E. Doyle - Space Law and Government 50 Years Later

James E. Dunstan - "Space Trash": Lessons Learned (and Ignored) from Space Law and Government

Steven Freeland, - A Natural System of Law? Andrew Haley and the International Legal Regulation of Outer Space

Ryan T. Noble - Archived Documents as Evidence and Legal Authority: Lessons Learned Applicable to the Law of Outer Space

William J. Potts, Jr. - Reflections on Space Law and Government

James D. Rendleman - Brave New World of Hosted Payloads

George S. Robinson - The Biochemical Foundations of Evolving Metalaw: Moving at a Glance to the Biological Basis of Sentient "Essence"


P.J. Blount - Aviation and Space Law: Relevant Publications