Volume 6 - 1978 - Number 1 & 2

Volume 6 - 1978 - Number 1 & 2

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Articles [+]

Karl -Heinz Bockstiegel, Arbitration and Adjudication Regarding Activities in Outer Space 3

Carl Q. Christol, The 1974 Brussels Convention Relating to the Distribution of Program - Carrying Signals Transmitted by Satellite: An Aspect of Human Rights 19

D. Goedhuis, Influence of the Conquest of Outer Space on National Sovereignty: Some Observations 31

Gerald J. Mossinghoff and George Paul Sloup, Legal Issues Inherent in Space Shuttle Operations 47

S. E. Doyle, Reentering Space Objects: Facts and Fiction 107

S. Neil Hosenball, Nuclear Power Sources in Outer Space 119

Herbert Reis, Some Reflections on the Liability Conventions for Outer Space 125

Paul G. Dembling, Cosmos 954 and the Space Treaties 129

Stephen Gorove, Comos 954: issues of Law and Policy 137

Peter P. C. Haanappel, Some Observations on the Crash of Cosmos 954 147

Ronald E. Alexander, Measuring Damages Under the Convention On International Liability for Damage Caused by Space Objects 151

Lawrence P. Wilkins, Substantive Bases for Recovery for Injuries Sustained by Private Individuals as a Result of Fallen Space Objects 161

Andrzej Gorbiel, The Legal Status of Geostationary Orbit: Some Remarks 171

Hamilton DeSaussure, An Integrated Legal System for Space 179

Current Documents [+]

Agreement on Co-operation in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space for Peaceful Purposes 77

The Bogota Declaration 193

Events of Interest [+]

A. Past Events

ABA Joint Program on the "Commercial Use of Space: Legal and Business Issues in the Routine Flights of the Space Shuttle," Chicago, August 10, 1977 83

Space Law Session of the Eighth World Conference of The World Peace Through Law Center, Manila, August 21-26, 1977 83

XXth Colloquium on the Law of Outer Space Prague, Czechoslovakia, Sept. 26-Oct. 1, 1977 84

Conference on "The Industrialization of Space," San Francisco, Oct. 18-20, 1977 87

Program on Space Based Solar Energy, Dag Hammarskjold Auditorium, United Nations Secretariat Building, New York City, Feb. 15, 1978 88

International Studies Association Seminar, Washington, D.C., Feb. 22, 1978 88

Goddard Memorial Symposium on "Space Shuttle and Spacelab Utilization," Washington D.C., March 8-10, 1978 89

International Institute of Space Law Honors Professor Stephen Gorove 89

Space Law Workshop- "Space Stations and Habitats," Annual Meeting of the American Society of International Law, Washington D.C., April 28, 1978 197

Meeting of A.B.A. International Law Section, Committee on Aerospace Law, New York City, Aug. 5, 1978 197

Other Events 90, 199
Brief News 90, 199
Introductory Remarks at Manila World Law Conference 91

B. Forthcoming Events 176

XXIst Colloquium in Law of Outer Space, Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia, Oct. 1-8, 1978 93
Other Forthcoming Events 94

Book Reviews/Notices [+]

Grey, J., (ed.) Space Manufacturing Facilities-Space Colonies (A. L. Moore) 95

Snow, M., International Commercial Satellite Communications: Economic and Political Issues of the First Decade of INTELSAT (Jonathan F. Galloway) 96

Kinsely, M., Outer Space and Inner Sanctums: Government, Business, and Satellite Communication (Jonathan F. Galloway) 96

Smith, D., Communications Via Satellite: A Vision in Retrospect (C. David Swenson) 98

Schwartz, Mortimer D., (ed.), Space Law Perspectives 201

Van Patten, Richard A., Seigler, Paul; Stearns, E. V. B. (eds.), The Industrialization of Space 201

Recent Publications [+]

Books 99, 203
Articles 99, 203
Official Publications 101, 205
Miscellaneous 105, 207