Volume 7 - 1979 - Number 1 & 2

Volume 7 - 1979 - Number 1 & 2

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Articles [+]

Eilene M. Galloway, Consenus Decisionmaking By The United Nations Committee On The Peaceful Uses Of Outer Space 3

Adrian Bueckling, The Strategy of Semantics And The "Mankind Provisions" Of The Space Treaty 15

Krystyna Wiewiorowska, Some Problems Of State Responsibility In Outer Space Law 23

I.H. Ph. Diederiks-Verschoor, Space Law As It Effects Domestic Law 39

Current Documents [+]

U.S. Presidential Decision Memorandum 37 47

Report Of The Legal Sub -Committee On The Works Of Its Eighteenth Session (12 March-6 April 1979) 51

Events of Interest [+]

A. Past Events

Space Law Session, Manila Conference of the International Law Association (I.L.A.), August 28, 1978 63

Symposium on "Space and International Law," Annual Convention of the Federal Bar Association, Washington, D.C., September 14, 1978 64

Twenty-first Colloquium on The Law of Outer Space, Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia, October 1-8, 1978 65

Fall Symposium of the university of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia, October 20-21, 1978 71

"Frontiers of Space Law" Program, American Astronautical Society, 25th Anniversary Conference, Houston, Texas, October 31, 1978 72

"WARC 1979" Program of the Association of U.S. members of the International Institute of Space Law, IAF, New York City, March 21, 1979. 72

Goddard Memorial Symposium, American Astronautical Society, Washington, D.C., March 28-30, 1979 73

Other Events 73
Brief News 73

B. Forthcoming Events

Book Reviews/Notices [+]

Jasentuliyana, Nandasirim and Roy S.K. Lee, Eds., Manual On Space Law (E. Galloway) 75

National Academy of Sciences, Resource Sensing from Space: Prospects for Developing Countries 77

Schauer, Williams, The Politics of Space 78

Queeney, Kathryn M., direct Broadcast Satellites and The United Nations 78

Brown, Seyom, et al. Regimes for the Ocean, Outer Space. and Weather 79

Steinhoff, Dr. Earnest A., ed., The Eagle Has Returned 80

Smith, William L., ed., Remote Sensing Applications for Mineral Exploration 81

Li, Kuo Lee, ed., World Wide Space Law Bibliography 81

Smith, Delbert D., Teleservices via Satellite: Experiments And Future Perspective 82

Recent Publications [+]

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Miscellaneous 90
Errata 92