Volume 9 - 1981 - Number 1 & 2

Volume 9 - 1981 - Number 1 & 2

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Articles [+]

Manfred Lachs, Some Reflections on the State of the Law of Outer Space 3

Aida Armando Cocca, The Advances in International Law Through the Law of Outer Space 13

Eilene Galloway, Perspectives of Space Law 21

V. S. Vereshchetin, International Space Law and Domestic Law: Problems of Interrelations  31

Stephen Gorove, Energy From Space: An Imperative for  International Cooperation. 41

David M. Leive, Essential Features of INTEL SAT: Applications for the Future 45

Martin Menter, Commercial Participation in Space Activities 53

S. Neil Hosenball, The Space Shuttle in Perspective 69

Cal  Q. Christal, The American Bar Association and the 1979 Moon Treaty: The Search for a Posztion  77

Hamilton  DeSaussure, Maritime and Space Law, Comparisons and Contrasts (An Oceanic View of  Space Transport) 93

Stephen E. Doyle, Significant Developments in Space Law: A Projection for the Next Decade 105

Jean-Louis Magdelenat, The Major Issues in the ' 'Agreed" Principles on Remote Sens ing 111

Current Documents [+]

Report of the Chairman of the Working Group on Remote Sensing 121

Report of the Chairman of the Working Group on Direct Television Broadcast Satellite 126

Resolution Approved by the XXII Conference of the Inter-American Bar Association, March 14-20, 1981, Quito, Ecuador 128

Documents on the Moon Agreement 128

Events of Interest [+]

A. Past Events 41

AIAA Conference on Large Space Platforms, San Diego, Feb. 2, 1981 (G. J . Mossinghoff) 165

Inter-American Bar Association Meeting, Qui to, March 16-18,1981 (A. M. Klein) 165

American Astronautical Society Goddard Memorial Symposium. Pentagon City, Virginia, March 26-27, 1981 (E. Galloway) 166

Military Space Doctrine Symposium, United States Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, April 1-3, 1981 (R. L. Bridge) 167

Symposium on International Communications and the New Information Order, Syracuse University College of Law, Syracuse, N.Y. , April 11, 1981 (M. Menter) 167

"Space Law Workshop" , American Society of International Law Meeting, Washington, D.C. April 24, 1981 (S. Gorove) 168

Conference on "Space Manufacturing-International and Legal Considerations" Princeton University, May 18,1981 (I. M. Pikus) 170

Report on the Work of United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Out e r Space in 1981 (N. Jasentuliyana) 171

Other Events 175
Brief News 176

B. Forthcoming Events 176

Book Reviews/Notices [+]

DOE/NASA, Satellite Power System Concept Development and Evaluation Program, The Final Proceedings of the Solar Power Satellite Program Review 179

Bockstiegel, K. (ed.), Settlement of Space Law Disput e 179

Gale, W. (ed.), Life in the Universe: The Ultimate Limits to Growth 180

Bueckling, A., Der Weltraumvertrag vom 27 January 1967 181

Recent Publications [+]

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Miscellaneous 191