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The Journal of Space Law is a journal devoted to the legal problems arising out of human activities in outer space..

Authors are invited to submit manuscripts, and accompanying abstracts, for review and possible publication in the Journal of Space Law.  Submission of manuscripts and abstracts via email is preferred.

Papers addressing all aspects of international and national space law are welcome. Additionally, papers that address the interface between aviation and space law are also welcome.

Please email manuscripts and accompanying abstracts in Microsoft Word to:

Or, alternatively, a hardcopy of the manuscript and abstract, along with a CD containing them in Microsoft Word format may be sent to:

Journal of Space Law
P.O. Box 1848
481 Colisseum Drive
University, MS  38677
1-662-915-6857 (office)
1-662-915-6921 (fax)

The Journal of Space Law will continue to accept and review submissions on an on-going basis.